Odds To Win The 2014 MLB World Series, LDS Odds + NLWC Odds (All 9 Playoff Teams)



Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer): 

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Man Alive what a game last night.  I was torn in so many directions, I may need an x-ray to make sure I have no ligaments busted up this AM, like Coco Crisp and Geovany Soto experienced.

Last evening was a perfect example of how betting with a hedge can totally benefit your plight, when you are sitting nice with some favorable bets made from a good value standpoint..

I have published many articles on this site, raving about the Royals from even before the season began during 2014.  Now I picked Oakland to win last night’s contest, but financially I had a lot to gain on the Kansas City club advancing.

You see back in May, when the squad was struggling, I posted a $20 wager on them to win the World Series for a 50/1 odd.  I then put some more cabbage on them at 80/1 a few months later amidst a losing streak.

In all, I stand to win the most on KC, out of any AL club I have left.

Now, I only can win $285 on the Angels to win the Fall Classic, which would only break me about even for the year.

As stated in a blog yesterday, the Tigers net me a return of $894, and the Orioles, will bounce my bank account to the tune of $804.

I was able to speculate when the teams would all be at their max peak earlier in the year.

Based on the mere fact, the A’s only paid me around $260 for the World Series, I bet them to win $50 to start the night at +100 for the Wild Card Game..  I couldn’t believe they were underdogs to start the game, but glad for it. 

Once Oakland took a 2 – 0 led on Brandon Moss‘s 1st HR, I wagered $22 (In Play) on KC – for a return of $86 if they won.  This would have won me my money back plus a small profit.  This continued all night….



KC took a 3 – 2, it was time to put more cashola back on Oakland.  This time I received an odd of +220, and I hammered it for $70.  This was my greatest move.

Eventually, the Athletics took a 7 – 3 lead, and I knew I must hedge to protect a $100 profit for the day.  So I bet $15 on KC to win @ +600, when they were down by 4 runs.

Once they tied the game, bingo, I wagered another $50 on Oakland at +105 (It still guaranteed me a profit for the day of $50.

When the A’s took two leads in extra innings, I hedged with a KC on both occasions.  Once the game went into the 13th and final innings, I threw down $100 on the A’s,  +100.  It was most of my pending profit, but I needed to protect my overall World Series wagers from before.

The Royals won the game, and I made $20.  However, here is the thing, should the A’s have won the contest, I would have profited $120, and it would pay me back some value on what could be a pending big payoff if KC might have gone on a World Series run.

Since I was already up $300 from regular season picks gone right, I am sitting with a nice little bankroll to hedge further bets.  Sure it takes some of the risk element in it, but I want to have a winning year for cash.

My next bet will be in the ALDS series between Kansas City and Los Angeles.  Right now the series odds are listed as -175 for LAA, and +155 for KC.

I am going to bet $200 on the ‘Halo’s’ – to win $114 in profit if they take down the Royals.  I am predicting the Angels will win the best of 5, but if not, It is comforting to know, that it will put me in a greater position of strength for wagering.  

If KC is able to win this round, I will have all 3 teams in the Junior Circuit to win me cash ranging from $804, $894 and $1500 respectively between BAL, DET and KC.

NL Wild Card Game Tonight

SF, – 112, PIT,  +102.

I respect the fact the Bucs are playing hot baseball right now.  As an avid gambler, I am going with the better pitcher right now, and I have to favor them to win this game tonight.

Edinson Volquez has thrown lights out over the last month, but honestly, he is due for a loss.

Madison Bumgarner has pitched to an incredible ERA away from AT @ T Park tonight.

Look for big games from Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey tonight.  The playoff pedigree discrepancy this evening should play into the Giants favor.

I am not saying the Pirates can’t win, they were 51 – 31 at home this year.  It is just too bad they weren’t pitching Francisco Liriano or Gerrit Cole for this.

Besides, it is an even year right?   This means that San Fran will do well in the postseason?  Not necessarily.  Plus a lot of us were wrong in the ALWC last evening

The other series odds for the LDS are as follows.

DET – 140 vs BAL +120

This is a fair representation for both clubs.  I wouldn’t wager this one right now at all.

LAD – 185 vs STL +165.

Personally, if you think the Cardinals will win this round, wait for completion of Game #1 between Clayton Kershaw and Adam Wainwright.

The odd will double for the RedBirds, and maybe they will pull off one of their comebacks.

That is actually not a bad payoff for the LAD, with Kershaw and Zack Greinke, likely working 4 of the 5 games.

Bet them right now if you feel like they will win,  because that will jump to LAD being favored -333 if the reigning NL Cy Young Winner is victorious at Dodger Stadium Friday night.

Updated Odds To Win The World Series For All 9 Playoff Clubs.

1. LAA +400

2. WSH +450

T3. DET +500

T3. LAD +500

5. BAL +600

6. STL +900

7. KC +1000

8. SF +1400

9. PIT +1600


Please note that it is illegal in most U.S. States to gamble

Odds are courtesy of www.bet365.com

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