Current Odds To Win The 2014 MLB Divisions + The Week Ahead For The Contenders


Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer): 

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Based on last week’s 4 – 1 – 1 record for picking the best valued odds on the 6 Divisions, I am sticking with the same teams for value again as nothing has really changed.

My only loss for picking the selections, was that Atlanta dropped from +700 to +1000.  I broke even with none of the NL West odds changing.

My AL East pick of the Yankees proved worthy – as they went from +1000 to +800.

My AL Central wager of the week was Cleveland, and they jumped from +2500 to +1800.

The Biggest registered bet was on the Mariners, shaving off a +3500 to a now +2500.  This is the only prognostication I actually put real money on down.

It was a clean sweep for me to win on the American League.

I was 1 – 1 – 1 in the National League.  My St. Louis to rise as a favorite worked in plotting the week.  They are now tied with the Brewers for the odds to win the NL Central.

The Cardinals came up just enough to break me with a .500 record for NL picks.

I have eliminated the Jays and Rays from the Divisional races.  Any double digit deficit will result in this automatically for the rest of the campaign.  



Best Value Odd Highlighted in Red

Aug 27th, 2014 Odd listed 1st

Aug 18th, 2014 Odd in Bracket




I am still a betting man where the money is.  The Yankees have 8 games left versus the O’s – and could make up ground.  The odds are just to in the Orioles favor to put cash down on.  

Baltimore should still win the AL East, just not sure they should be higher favorites with a 7 game lead – as opposed to last weeks high of 9 games ahead.

1.  BAL -1100 (-900)

2. NYY  +800 (+1000)

Cleveland Indians



The Indians are just 5 games out of the loss column to KC and 5.5 Games overall.  KC is bound for a bit of a retreat when they play against Detroit soon.  The Royals have an easy schedule, but so does Cleveland.

The ‘Tribe’ finished 2013 with a 10 game winning streak, and any team that has Corey Kluber might facilitate a run at some point.  at that odd, it may be worth a few dollars bet.

1.  DET -125 (-150)

2.  KC +105 (+125)

3.  CLE +1800 (+2500)




Bet this for Seattle right now before this incredible longshot makes up space on the 2 division leader.  The M’s have one more game against Texas this week before hosting the Nationals.

Yes they have to face Jordan Zimmermann and Stephen Strasburg this weekend, but if they can manage to win 2 out of 3 versus the Nats, and their last game versus the Rangers, they will gain ground on the Angels and A’s.

The Angels and A’s have a 4 game series starting Thursday, where the odds are they will go 2 – 2 versus one another.  Seattle should hope that Oakland goes 3 – 2 in their next 5 games, and that the Angels go no better than 2 – 3.

The M’s need to win today for this thing to work, but if they can go 3 – 1 in the 4 games, they should be able to narrow the gap to the Division to within 5 games or so.  Not bad for a +2500 mark.  Especially with the Los Angeles and Oakland running into injury trouble of late.

1. OAK -140 (-150)

2. LAA +120 (+125)

3. SEA +2500 (+3500)






The Nationals are on the road against Philly for one more, before flying out west to play the Mariners and Dodgers afterwards.  That is while the Braves play at home for 6 of the next 7 games, hosting the Marlins and Phils after finishing a series with the Mets @ Citi Field today.

The gap in the East could change a couple of games in Atlanta’s favor in the next week.

1.  WSH -3300 (-1600)

2.  ATL +1000 (+700)





St. Louis plays at home for the next week against the Pirates and Cubs mostly, while the Brew Crews play at San Diego, San Francisco and then comes back to the midwest to visit Wrigley Field.

This may be the week the Cards take over the Division lead.

The Bucs play the Cards at home, and then host Cincinnati, before hitting the road to Busch Stadium.  Tough negotiating that itinerary.

1.  MIL (+110) (+100)

2.  STL (+110 (+125)

3.  PIT +800 (+800)





Only picking the Giants for value because I had to.  The Dodgers should walk away with the NL West.

There is no money to be made with risking cash on LA.  They play Arizona today (who they beat up all year), at San Diego – and also host the Nationals, where the Giants are home to the Brewers and then head to Coors Field.  This is once they finish hosting the Rox tonight and tomorrow at AT @ T Park. 

The Giants could easily go 5 – 2 or 6 – 1, while I think Los Angeles will likely go  4 – 3. This would obviously let SF gain on the 5 game deficit they currently possess to the Dodgers. 

1.  LAD -800 (-800)

2.  SF +500 (+500)

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Please note that it is illegal for US citizens to gamble in most States. 

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