Total AL Plus/Minus Of BB/SO On Offense + Pitching

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By Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Analyst/Website Owner):

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Baseball is a game full of stats and numbers.  Sabermetrics aside, one thing that I fully believe takes to win baseball games is superior pitching, and still having some plate discipline.

Of course it you can compensate for a lack of patience at the plate, with some big Home Runs, than you still may make out just fine.

While doing some research on the Oakland A’s, I looked at AL offensive and defensive Walk to Strikeout totals on both sides of the field.

I believe this is a relevant look at how good a team is faring.

Right away, the Rays and Orioles stick out in this blog, because the Rays were number 1 for this category, and the O’s are 14th, yet have the 3rd best record in the AL, and lead the AL East by 5 games currently.

 Masahiro Tanaka

Team  (League REC) Offensive BB/SO (Dif+-) P – Pitching Defensive SO/BB (Dif+-) + total amount of BB/SO compiled from both

Totals prior to plat August 8th, 2014

1. Tampa Bay (9)    401/787 (-386)  P – 1005/350 (+655)  Total (+269)

2. New York  (T6)     334/794 (-460) P – 959/294 (+665) Total  (+205)

T3  Oakland   (1)     421/777 (-366)  P – 859/306 (+553) Total (+187)

T3.  Cleveland  (9)      378/841 (-463) P – 998/348 (+650)  Total (+187)

5. Kansas City (5)  262/677 (-405) P – 823/323 (+500) Total  (+95)

6.  Detroit    (4)       304/785 (-481) P – 855/306 (+549) Total (+68)

7.  Los Angeles (2)  352/901 (-549) P – 965/357 (+608) Total (+59)

8.  Toronto (T6)      371/810 (-439) P – 842/375 (+467) Total (+28)

9. Boston   (13)      389/909 (-520) P – 882/337 (+545) Total (+25)

10. Seattle   (T6)       275/891 (-616) P – 921/320 (+601) Total (-15)

11.  Texas    (15)       308/826 (-518)  P – 802/363 (+439) Total (-79)

12.  Minnesota (12)     402/934 (-532) P – 698/277 (+421) Total (-112)

13. Houston   (14)     345/1002 (-657) P – 814/368 (+446) (-211)

14.  Baltimore (3)      284/887 (-603) P – 796/425 (+371) Total (-232)

15.  Chicago   (11)      320/971 (-651) P – 825/421 (+404)  Total (-247)

Other things I surmised from this study…..

The Yankees offense is killing their chances to win the Division, despite having the highest positional players salary in the Majors.

So what can we glean from these totals.  1st off, the numbers show you that Buck Showalter should be Manager Of the Year in the AL.  I mean his Pitching Staff is above average across the board, but they are not fanning guys enough.

On the offensive side, it also shows the club is hammering its way via the HR to wins, and relying on a dominant Bullpen to shake wins down.

Joe Girardi and Joe Maddon should also be commended for their efforts as well.   These clubs are 1 and 2 in this category – and are likely playing beyond their means as a unit.

The Rays haven’t had many players produce to the back of their bubblegum cards, yet they were in contention until they traded away David Price, and who knows, maybe they will fight to remain relevant into September.

Terry Francona also has his team working counts, while his patchwork Pitching Rotation is being buoyed by the emergence of Corey Kluber and to a lesser extent – Josh Tomlin.

Seattle and Kansas City simply aren’t patient enough in drawing walks, but at least the Royals have K’d less than anyone in the league – whereas Seattle is whiffing right up there.

Texas is only not in last because of their Ace Yu Darvish who has a +130 rate (SO – 175, to 45 BB), just like Masahiro Tanaka at (135 SO and 19 BB) for a +116 all by himself.

The White Sox would really be struggling without Chris Sale operating (138 SO and just 22 BB).

Chicago will become better with time, and losing veterans Adam Dunn and Paul Konerko should help their rates

The Orioles should be preaching some more patience out of their youngsters in the lineup.  Adam Jones doesn’t walk at a great rate, but that doesn’t mean others can’t do this for them.

The Birds can bash with the best of them,  but that won’t work out every year.

The A’s lead the Junior Circuit in Walks, are 2nd in fewest SO, while their pitching staff has surrendered the 3rd fewest free passes.  Oakland is in the top 5 in most statistical categories on offense and pitching.  

There is no surprise how they continue to be the best team in the American League.  I will keep forth in studying this, for now, I must return to my other post….

As of right now, this gentleman should be the AL Manager of The year.  All the stats point to his team struggling, yet they are finding key hits - and are riding an awesome Bullpen and consistent rotation to the 3rd best record in the AL, and a substantial Division lead at the present team.

As of right now, this gentleman should be the AL Manager of The year. All the stats point to his team struggling, yet they are finding key hits – and are riding an awesome Bullpen and consistent rotation to the 3rd best record in the AL, and a substantial Division lead at the present team.

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