The Latest Odds To Win Each MLB Division In 2014


Best Value Odd Highlighted in Red

July 11th Odd listed 1st

June 11th Odd in Bracket




Analysis:  Last month I had the Orioles as my favorite for the Division at +650, and now they are at +130.  

With recent injuries to several Blue Jays and Yankees key personnel, and the continued struggles of Tampa Bay and Boston, this is a no-brainer.

Baltimore has a 3 game lead on Toronto and a 4 game lead on the Bronx Bombers.

With the Bronx Bombers missing 4/5ths of their rotation, I actually believe the Rays are in better position to win the AL East.

1.  BAL +130 (+650)

2. TOR +168 (-133)

3. NYY  +300 (+320)

T4.  BOS +1600 (+500)

T4.  TB +1600 (+5000)




Analysis:  30 days ago I liked the Royals paying +700 for the odd at the AL Central.  It was right before they went on their big streak.

I would not bet this Division at all, but if you do, I still KC at +700, as I do believe if you played out 7 simulations of the two teams, that the Royals could win the pennant once.

The Tigers are just too strong for the rest of the pack.  The Royals have a series going right now versus the “Motown Boys” – and better win 2 out of 3 against them right now to stay in the race.

I would bet the Royals for the Division, but also bet the Tigers in daily play during the next 3 games from Friday to Sunday.  

1.  DET -600 (-500)

2.  KC +700 (+1000)

3.  CLE +1100 (+600)

4.  CWS +5000 (+2500)

5.  MIN +10000 (+5000)



Analysis:  The A’s were at -188 one month ago, and held a similar division lead to what they have now (3.5 Games), yet have seen their odd shrink in half.

The trades of Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel is good, but shouldn’t have swayed the odd that far.

The Angels are paying a good odd, just as they are not far behind the A’s in talent. 

Seattle is just too far out of the AL West at 9 games, but thankfully they can still win a WildCard berth, and then pitch Felix Hernandez in the game.

1. OAK -333 (-188)

2. LAA +275 (+225)

3. SEA +1400 (+850)

4. TEX +40000 (+1600)

5. HOU +50000 (+50000)




a nats 3

Analysis:  My pick last month benefited me big time – when the Tomahawk Choppers slid down the standings, and Washington has fared bettery.

My pick last month benefited me big time – when the Tomahawk Choppers slid down the standings, and Washington has fared better.

The Nats and Braves are deadlocked in the NL East.  The Oddsmakers still love Washington.

The Braves are a decent squad, but the injury to Evan Gattis had tilted the side of the favorites.  

Washington is deeper on offense and defense, and while the Bullpen’s are pretty even, I would still take the Nats Relief Core anyday.

1.  WSH -180 (+130)

2.  ATL +150 (+150)

3.  MIA +3000 (+1600)

4.  NYM +5000 (+5000)

5.  PHI +10000 (+10000)



Cincinnati Reds

Analysis: This Division is so close between the 4 teams, that it will be a fun fight to the end.  

It may be like 2013, where the Wild Card teams both reside from the Central, however the Braves/Nats/Giants/Dodgers all have easier schedules than what these guys will have.

They could all beat each other up.  Last month I was favoring the Cards, but now Yadier Molina hurt for St. Louis, and Cincy’s Joey Votto/Brandon Phillips for the Reds on the shelf.

I am giving Milwaukee the best chance to win the NL Central, but my favorite odds will remain with the Reds.

T1.  STL (+140) ( -110)

T1.  MIL +140 (+138)

3.  CIN +550 (+1200)

4.  PIT +700 (+900)

5.  CHC +50000





This was too easy last month, where the Dodgers were a 2/1 odd, and were showing signs of going on a streak.  

The pitching is dominant, and the Giants are facing injuries on offense, and the pitching staff is up and down.

The rest of the Division are going to serve as ‘get well cards for SF and LAD down the stretch.  

The D’Backs, Padres and Rockies might as well deplete all veterans from their clubs with expiring contracts.  Their rosters should be easier to face in Aug and Sept.

1.  LAD -225 (+200)

2.  SF +180 (-275)

3.  COL  +15000 (+800)

4.  SD +25000 (+10000)

5.  ARI +30000 (+15000)

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Please note that it is illegal for US citizens to gamble in most States. 

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