Current Odds To Win The 2014 MLB World Series + Best Value Bets – Trade Deadline Speculation

Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer): 

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I had another on fire week last week, with 5 right predictions, and 5 draws, with zero outright losses.

Furthermore, Cincinnati jumped from +5500 to now being +4000 – with making it back to .500 last night.

I also have seen the KC Royals skyrocket from +8000 2 weeks ago, to now be sitting pretty at +2500.  The Royals were my best bets 2 weeks ago.

Your new favorite to win the World Series is the Oakland A’s at +650.  I understand the odd believe me, but this will be temporary.

I fully expect the Nationals to take over this position if their recent pitching trends continue.

Also if the Dodgers can come within 2 games of the Giants, they will take over as the Fall Classic Favorites once again.

Again this week I hate the Blue Jays being among the heavy favorites for the title.  These guys gave been slipping recently, and the Orioles and Yankees are breathing down their necks in the AL East.

I also firmly believe with the AL West stranglehold the A’s are sure to bury the Angels, and if Detroit is a matchup for any WILD Card winner out of the AL West, heck even the Royals with James Shields, I favor them over any Halo’s pitcher for 1 game.

My worst odds are not going to change much this week. 

I still like the value for the Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox, because the Tigers are floundering so much right now in the standings.

Really it has made the Division up for grabs.

At +2500 KC is the highest Division leader currently for wagering.  What I like about these guys is their ability to pitch with anyone.  Heck, they could find a bat at the deadline too.

St. Louis has made enough headway to scare people away from Milwaukee. 

I love the Brewers to hang for a 2nd Wild Card potentially, but not sure about a  play in game.

Love the Baltimore Orioles at +3500 right now, and the Boston Red Sox at +3300. while I hate the Yankees at +1400.

The good news for New York, is that they have Masahiro Tanaka for any 1 game playoff date, and he is the AL MVP in my view right now.

The O’s have the emergence of Kevin Gausman to look forward too, and they should never see any power slumps this year.

Even with J.J. Hardy having 0 big flies to this point, the guys like Nelson Cruz and Steve Pearce have picked him upb.j. .

The Orioles should make a trade pitch for Miguel Montero of the D’Backs, or even a veteran Catcher like Kurt Suzuki.

Love this team at the odd they are at.

Boston has been a better team since reinstating Mike Napoli in the lineup.  These guys are capable of going on a run.

If you are a Red Sox fan, and want to wager some cabbage on the team, I urge you to do so now.  This is before the squad makes it back to .500

I am selling on the Braves to be in contention for the NL East.  Yes they are just 1.5 Games behind Washington, but other than Julio Teheran, I am taking the Nats other 5 starters over their rotation.

Add in perennial struggles for B.J. Upton and Dan Uggla, and this team is in trouble.  Aaron Harang has come back to earth too.

Atlanta is lucky that Evan Gattis is bashing the hell out of the ball right now, but can he last the entire season like that?

The good news is simply the Division they play in, yielding several games down the stretch versus the Mets, Marlins and Phillies.

All 3 of those clubs should still be below .500, but even saying this, they are better than in 2013.

Look for the Wild Card teams to come from the NL West and NL Central.

The Rockies will fade in the 2nd half, and look for a firesale for the hapless Padres.  Dodgers are hitting their stride – and Giants are still above. 600 baseball, despite their 5 game slide.

The Brewers are so far above the Braves right now, I don’t foresee them coming back.  I think they will be a favorite to reel in the 2nd WC slot, if not the NL Central.

Cincinnati should be up for a charge with a healthy complement of players.

In the AL, don’t look for Oakland to fall off too much, they lead the Majors in wins yet again.

If the Yanks are playing like they have been the last 8 games (6 – 2) when it counts, they will throw down some serious cash to acquire some more players.

This hurts the LA Angels chances.  I am actually going with the Halo’s capturing a Wild Card Slot as previously stated. 

The Bronx Bombers can expect for Brian McCann to have a better 2nd half, and Derek Jeter is hitting the ball well in the month of July, as is leadoff man Brett Gardner.

I am not sure what the squad will receive from veterans Carlos Beltran, Alfonso Soriano and Yangervis Solarte, but if the pitching is there, Brian Cashman will start to wheel and deal.

New York has some players in the Minors to deal now, and they could be in the market for some power guys like Adam Dunn, Josh Willingham, Aaron Hill and Seth Smith.

Texas is in tough at 4th in the AL West, and being near .500 is nice, but they have so many injuries, it seems unfathomable for this roster of players to make it to the postseason.

Will they put up Alex Rios and Adrian Beltre for the market? 

You have to think this team has found something in Rougned Odor at 2B, that you could potentially move over Jurickson Profar or Elvis Andrus into the hot corner to replace Beltre in going forward.

Best Bets on the Board Last Week (Value wise) Record 3 – 0 – 2:

1. Cincinnati +5000 (+4000) Win

2.  Houston +250000 (+250000) Draw

3. Chicago White Sox +15000 (+15000) Draw

4. Miami +12500 (+10000) Win

5. Milwaukee +1800 (+1800) Draw

Worst odds on the board Last Week  (Value Wise) Rec 3 – 0 – 2

1. LAA +1100 (+1100) Draw

2. Toronto +900 (+1000) Win

3. Seattle  +4000 (+4500) Win

4. Oakland  +650 (+650) Draw

5.  Detroit +600 (+700) Win

Odds To Win The 2014 World Series This Week (Last Week Odd)

1. OAK +650 (+600)

T2. DET +700 (+600)

T2. LAD +700 (+800)

4. WSH +800 (+750)

5. SF +850 (+800)

6. STL +900 (+1000)

7. TOR +1000 (+900)

8. LAA +1100 (+1100)

9.  NYY +1400 (+2500)

T10.  ATL +1800 (+1200)

T10.  MIL +1800 (+2000)

12. KC +2500 (+5000)

13. BOS +3300 (+3500)

14. BAL +3500 (+3500)

15. CIN +4000 (+5500)

16. SEA +4500 (+4000)

17.  PIT +5000 (+5000)

T18. TEX +6000 (+5000)

T18. CLE +6000 (+5500)

20. MIA +10000 (+12500)

T21.  CWS +15000 (+15000)

T21.  COL +15000 (+25000)

23.  MIN +20000 (+15000)

24. TB +30000 (+30000)

T25.  NYM +50000 (+50000)

T25 PHI +50000 (+50000)

T27.  SD +150000 (+25000)

T27. ARI +150000 (+75000)

T27. CHC +150000 (+150000)

30. HOU +250000 (+200000)

Best Bets on the Board This Week (Value wise):

1. WSH +800

2.  KC +2500

3.  CIN +4000

4. BAL +3500

5. BOS +3300

Worst odds on the board This Week  (Value Wise)

1. LAA +1100

2. Toronto  +1000

3. New York +1400

4. Oakland  +650

5.  Detroit +700

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