An Interview with Yankee Stadium Expert Eric Okurowski

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Tuesday, April.17/2012

Douglas Chuck Booth (Baseball Writer)-I have talked to Eric Okurowski several times online and he really loves baseball.  Not only did he basically set up his website of in the internet early stages, but he has maintained the up keep on it for the last 14 years.  I find the pictures at his site to be the upper class of the industry.  Eric site should continue to prosper with avid ballpark fans such as myself having such an appetite to see what the ballparks look like inside and out.

DB: Welcome to the Experts Interview Eric, please state what make you love the game of baseball, more importantly your life surrounding the New York Yankees.”

EP “Although I’m a Mets fan, I’ve been to around 30 games at the new Yankee Stadium since it opened in 2009 including 2 games in the playoffs during their World Series run in ’09.

DB: “You have been to many of the MLB teams parks Eric, what is your favorite park?”

EP: “PNC of the new parks for me, but the new one is much more functional.  For all of the history, it really was difficult to get around in the old stadium.  The concourses were very narrow.  All of that is fixed in the new park.  They really did a great job with the exterior of the new stadium.  In my opinion, the two new parks in NYC have the best exteriors in all of baseball.”

DB: “Yankee Stadium is on everybody’s short list for the most hated team in the Majors, who is your Favorite team and what are your thoughts about the team?”

EP: “I am a Mets fan, but I do appreciate the history that they have.  While I don’t root for the Yanks, I tend to focus on the Mets’ rivals (Phils, Braves, etc) in the hatred dept.  As always, the Yankees are a solid club with great hitting and bullpen.  If they can keep the starting rotation together, they’ll be playing deep into October.

DB: “What advice would you give for somebody experiencing Yankee Stadium for the very first time?”

EP: “Get there early and get to Monument Park and the Yankees Museum before the game starts.  Monument Park opens when the gates to, but it closes at around 6:30 and lines can get quite long.  Get in the park and go there first.  If you still have time before first pitch, head up to the museum (on the “Main Level” in the right field corner).  During the game, try to take a walk around the park and check out the game from different angles.  The upper and lower levels have open concourses, so you can see the field from anywhere.”

DB: “What is your favorite method of transportation to Yankee Stadium?”

EP: “I am from Long Island, so I’m basically forced to drive there, but the mass transportation options are really great.  The MTA 4 line is the subway that runs by the opening in Right Field.  It stops right outside the park.  The B and D lines also stop at the stadium as well, they’re underground lines.  Also, with the new park a commuter line stop was constructed.  So if you are travelling from Grand Central Station, Connecticut, or Northern NY suburbs, you can take Metro North Railroad right to the stadium (the stop is right where Gate 4 of the old park used to be.)”

DB: “What is the food like at Yankee Stadium? What is your favorite ballpark food there?”

EP: “This one is easy for me.  Carl’s Steaks is a NY-based cheese steak chain and they have a few locations in the Stadium (Lower level RF corner, Main Level on the 3B side and in the upper deck on the 1B side).  They make a really good sandwich.”

DB: “What is your favorite all time game that you have been in attendance for at Yankee Stadium?”

EP: “Even though I’m not a Yanks fan, I went to ALDS game 2 at the Stadium in 2009.  An incredible back-and-forth game against the Twins where the Yankees tied the game on a big homer by A-Rod in the 9th and then won in extra innings on a homer by Teixeira.”

DB: “John Sterling is one of the best radio personalities in the game.  In your own words, how does the city of New York like him?”

EP: “I think its split, most Yankee fans like him, but I do know some that don’t.  He’s been the voice of the team for a really long time, so he must be doing something right.  Sports radio here has a lot of fun with his home run calls, so I think he’ll be around for a long time.”

*** A big thank you goes out to our Yankees Stadium  Expert Eric Okurowski for participating in the expert article Series. To read more about all 30 baseball Parks click here for ballpark guides and pictures that have all the information you need to become a seasoned ballpark veteran yourself ***

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