The Rogers Center April.15/2012

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Sunday April.15/2012

Game #13 Day #9  @ 1:07 PM Blue Jays vs Orioles

Probable Pitchers:



Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth (Baseball Writer)-You talk about pressure here for a double-header.  There will not be one second I am not looking at the clock.  But before I arrive at ‘The Rogers Center, I will be sweating the flights out of Chicago.  Every year I travel, Chicago has provided me with a delayed flight for some reason or another.  If there was anything to be gained by that 7 hour drive from Minnesota, is that I have 2 flights after my first one that will still have me arrive in Canada before this game starts.

August.29/1989 was my 1st game ever in a Major League Park.  My dad lived in Toronto at the time, it was my 13th birthday, so we went to the new Sky Dome back then.  I also got a brand new baseball glove and a jacket.  It goes down as one of my best memories with my dad.  The Jays beat the White Sox in a 3-2 game that featured 5 home runs.  Fred McGriff hit two for the Blue Jays and George Bell hit the game winning  jack in the late innings.  Now the park is not amongst the best in baseball but I will be happy to be there.

I am meeting the Founder of Jonathan Hacohen.  This is going to be epic!  Last year I was tweeting with the MLB Fancave guys Mike O’ Hara and Ryan Wagner when Jonathan sent me a tweet.  I had sent the MLB Fancave four of my books ‘The Fastest Thirty Ballgames’ to thank them for writing a blog about me.  It wasn’t long before I was tweeting with Jonathan about all the Parks.  I liked his website and sent him one of the books so he could read it and review it for me. 3 months later Jonathan gave an awesome book report.  A few weeks later, I did a guest blog for the World Series at the reports.  A few months later and I was a full writing member at the Reports.  Now we are both efforting one of the most different baseball covered/fan participant style journey’s of all time.

Jonathan will get to experience the pure adrenaline rush for this day.  I am relying on him to have me at the airport in good time after the game.  We will be strategically going over the landscape of driving directions out of there.  At the airport, I have a dedicated FAST PASS called Nexus Air.  This will enable me to bypass all security with an eye-dent.  I have a 5:30 PM flight that will have me at Lu Guardia Airport at 7:10 PM, which  would give me 55 minutes to travel to Yankee Stadium to complete the international doubleheader.  I love the 8:05 PM Sunday Night ESPN start times!!

Jonathan will be deciding where we sit, what we eat, I am just there to watch every pitch as his guest.  Jonathan also will be our Rogers Center expert, so I have a chance to interview him for a change.  I also will have  no problem tweeting from the game because Jonathan is the unofficial ‘GWR’ holder for tweets about baseball.  I think we will have everyone covered if they live-tweet us from the ballpark-just make sure you tweet @MLBReports next to my twitter name @chuckbooth3024.

Follow me- @chuckbooth3024 on twitter.  I promise to get a better pic from the Rogers Center too to replace this one.


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I played competitive baseball until 18 years old and had offers to play NCAA Division 1 University Baseball at Liberty University. Post-concussion symptoms from previous football and baseball head injuries forced me to retire by age 19. After two nearly made World Record Attempts in 2008, I set a New World Record by visiting all 30 MLB Parks (from 1st to last pitch) in only 24 Calendar Days in the summer 0f 2009. In April of 2012, I established yet another new GWR by visiting all 30 Parks in only 23 Calendar Days! You can see the full schedule at the page of the . In 2015, I watched 224 MLB Games, spanning all 30 MLB Parks in 183 Days. Read about that World Record Journey at
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