Petco Park Preview April.7/2012

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Saturday, April.07/2012

Game #2 Day #1 @ 5:35 PM Padres vs Dodgers

Probable Pitchers:

SD-TBD- Moseley

LAD-TBD- Capuano

I am going to have 2 cracks on achieving Petco Park as the 2nd leg of double-header attempts, both the Angels on Sat. Apr.07 1:05 PM, and LA Dodgers on Tuesday Apr.10th 1:05 PM play the 1st leg of the double-headers.  Like I said in the Los Angeles preview, I would rather connect on the 1st double-header with the Angels, however as a gambling man I will give myself a 30% chance to connect on Apr.07.  Since the Apr.10 game is played at 7:05 PM, I would give myself an 85% chance to make the second half of this doubleheader.  There are plane flights after both games that are going to make for stressful ballpark viewing.  I have a flight out of LAX on Sunday morning April.08 at 1:30 AM.  This plane is to arrive in Houston at 6:40 AM.  This is the only thing in my favor for the 5:35 PM PST start.  I should have ample time after the game to make the 2 hour drive back to LAX.  What I don’t need is a 15 inning game here.  My getaway limit rests on leaving by at least 10:15 PM or 4.75 hours after the start of the game.

Since I will have already eaten a large pizza earlier in the day, I will probably go with an awesome Weiner Schnitzel hot dog, with a Frozen Minute Maid Lemonade.  I am going to the nice ice cream parlor on the 1st base side for dessert.  The meal will cost about $15.  I don’t always eat at the ballpark, but the second half of the double-header is always vital.  I might not have a chance to eat until Houston afterwards.  It is best to eat up when possible.  Petco’s food is pretty good anyway.

I am buying the cheapest ticket possible, probably SRO in the centerfield bleachers.  They usually price out for $7-$10.  I will buy this ticket the day before.  For teams that never sell out, plus I have time to stand at the box office, this may save you $4-$7 based on ticket convenience fees.  I liked Petco Park more about 7 years ago when I first visited the place.  Back then, I thought it was amongst the top ballparks.  At that point I had only been to a half-dozen parks.  Looking at the rankings now, I would place the park in the bottom 10.  Although most park chaser say that the 11th-24th best ballparks are very close in rankings.

The San Diego Padres are taking on the Los Angeles Dodgers.  I will watch my favorite player of all time (Don Mattingly) manage the visitors.  The reigning ‘MVP’ Matt Kemp should have an easier time this game facing the 3rd spot in the Padres pitching rotation.  I am curious to see how the Dodgers come-shooting out of the gate in 2012.  81-81 in 2011 was not that bad when you consider the team has significant ownership troubles.

Over the years I have spent a lot of days in San Diego.  The $15 Greyhound Bus to Los Angeles helps defer the costs of this city greatly.  Again, $27 for the hostel is a steal.  This hostel is close to the ballpark and the ‘Gaslamp Quarter.’  Other good lodging is the Motel 6 on 2nd street for about $60.  There is also a Best Western in Chula Vista,(8 miles away from Petco) for about $65.  This hotel is not in the greatest area of town, but is a close enough drive to the ballpark.  If I had enough time, I would park the rental car at the Old Town transit station and take the light rail into the game.  This is not an option today.  If you stay on the outskirts of town, bus service really declines after the baseball games are over, so you are well advised to rent a car.  Luckily, I have a free one-way drop off from National Car Rental.  I am returning the rental car at LAX airport at approximately 11 PM.  I am taking the quick transportation shuttle that should have me at the airport with plenty of time to spare for my 1:30 AM departure time.  Hopefully I can catch up on some sleep for the 3 hour flight to Houston.

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