Citzens Bank Ball Park Preview Apr.09/2012

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Monday Apr.09/2012

Game #5 Day #3 @ 1:05 PM Phillies vs Marlins

Probable Pitchers:

PHL-TBD- Hamels

MIA-TB- Sanchez

Lori Martini With Justin Turner in Brooklyn

‘Douglas “Chuck’ Booth (Baseball Writer)- I am really looking forward to this day on so many levels.  This is the Phillies season opener at home versus the Marlins.  I am flying in from Dallas at 10:30 AM.  I am to meet long-time Met Fan and Citi Field Expert Lori Martini at Geno’s Steakhouse before the game.  I have wanted to go to Geno’s for years, this time I will have a chance.  Lori is driving in from Brooklyn.  After we finish eating, we will head to Citizens Bank Ball Park and watch the game from the 306 section.

This game marks the most expensive tickets I have bought for any of the games I will see.  $83 per seat was the best I could do on StubHub.  Philadelphia has sold over 102% to their capacity the last 4 years.  I am lucky to have got these tickets for what I paid.  400 section tickets and SRO’S were selling from $90.  I am wishing for a great game.  We get to see the revamped Miami Marlins Lineup and their new uniforms.  I am thinking which one of these do we have the best odds to see? Hanley Ramirez not hustle, Ozzie Guillen get kicked out of the game or Carlos Zambrano absolutely destroy another water cooler… or punch another teammate?

I am thinking that about half way through the game I will head to Tony Luke’s for yet another cheese steak.  My food portion of the day will be over after that.  Lori and I are visiting the Mets on Apr.05 for the season opener at Citi Field.  We will dine from that ballparks cuisine on that day so I don’t feel left out on the 9th.  While I love ‘CBP’  I am still hoping for a relatively quick game.  Last time I was at CBP for the first half of a double-header the game lasted 10 hours with rain 5:30 Hours in rain delays and a 4:30 Hours in a 12 inning game.

The game plan is quite simple.  Lori is going to drive me to Flushing Meadows if the game in Philly is over by 4 PM.  Anything in the 4:10-5:00 time frame and Lori will drop me at the PHL-30th Amtrak Station.  I am buying an Acela Express ticket beforehand in case of this very emergency. There are trains that leave at 4:35 PM and 5:00 PM that arrive at NY Penn Station in time to catch the 7-line Express Train all the way to Citi Field for 1st pitch.  In this case scenario, Lori will meet me when she arrives after.  It only matters that I be there for first pitch.

Philadelphia is a great place to watch a baseball game.  The Sports Complex hosts all 4 Major Sports.  There is the Wachovia Center for the NBA 76ERS NHL Flyers, CBP for the MLB Phillies and Lincoln Financial Field for the NFL Eagles.  There is adequate parking and plenty of entrances.  Traffic will be clogged after the game.  It specifies that from CBP to Citi Field is about a 2 hours and 15 minute trip by car.  You must add about another 45 minutes for traffic.  There are many tolls encountered with the New Jersey Turnpike, followed by several Bridge tolls entering the I-278 and I-495 freeways. In other words, keep your change and stripper single dollar bills for this trip.

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