Citi Field Preview Apr.9/2012

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Monday Apr.09/2012

Game #6 Day #3 @7:05 PM Mets vs Nationals

Probable Pitchers:



Left-Maria Rusolo with
Right-Lori Martini

Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth (Baseball Writer)- This will be the 3rd straight day with a doubleheader attempt.  Whether I make the game by a grueling public transit train ride, or by a stressful (traffic laden car ride), at least I am seeing the game with my friend Lori Martini.  She may have to show up with an IV Bag for me during this game.  If I need to add San Diego to the April.10th LA Dodgers game because of a miss on Apr.07th, I will feel the strain even more.  That is what the streak is all about.  I have done a similar string of games like this before.  I did 4 doubleheader attempts in 5 days during my 2008 streaking.

This is a test of one’s mental fortitude.  I will not have to eat anything at the game thanks to two cheese steaks I plan on devouring in Philly earlier in the day.  Lori Martini was kind of enough to pick up tickets for the 5th and the 9 th of April @ Citi.  This is her domain.  I probably know the least amount about Citi Field  than any other park besides New Marlins Baseball Park.  I have been to one game only at Citi Field.   Lori rents suites out for games and hosts multiple parties, so I am glad that she can show me the ropes in Flushing Meadows.  I have Citi Field rated very high from my 1st experience, now I am glad to be seeing 2 games in 4 days here.

I can’t wait to see how moving the fences in will impact the offense at the park.  I like a 1-0 pitching performance any day, however I love for the players to go yard when I am in attendance live.  The cavernous right field wall is highlighted by the picture here in this article.  Somebody had some fun constructing this design.  It is an unnatural look compared to the rest of the parks.  That is what baseball is all about.  Each park separates itself from the rest of the pack by having individual oddities such as this.

If Lori had not come to these games with me the alternative method of travel was brutal and bleak.  I would have had to take the 7-train back all the way to Penn Station after the game, just to pick up the clothes I would have dropped off at NY Penn Amtrak Station.  I have a flight out of JFK the next morning to Los Angeles.  Getting to Citi Field is not that bad,  the hard part is after the game.  Everyone rides the 7-train back and there can be a massive wait for public transit.  Add to it that I have to watch every single pitch of the game, take pictorial evidence to prove I was at the end of it only makes for a long night.  I have been caught before by the $35 minimum cab ride out of Citi Field.  That night I was going to Lu Guardia.  Who knows what they would charge for a JFK Airport trip?  Thank-you for showing up big-time Lori!

The Mets fans have to stomach what the Wilpon’s financial trouble’s has meant to the team’s payroll.  I am just hoping that there is no extra innings for this contest.  Having a double-header always lends itself to those marathon nights when the second game goes extra.  If it does go extra, I will be heading for a NYY Steak Sandwich or a Nathan’s Hot Dog.  Just a note to all ballpark goers, “I have seen ballparks run out of food and beverage if the games go long enough, always make sure you have an emergency stash for extra innings.  Budget in a few dollars extra to at least buy a water.”

Follow me- @chuckbooth3024 on twitter

Chuck Booth Citi Field Aug.05/09

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