AT and T Park Preview April.13/2012

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Friday April.13/2012

Game #11 Day #7  @ 1:35 PM Giants vs Pirates

Probable Pitchers:



Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth (Baseball Writer)- I am arriving on a Southwest Airlines flight about 10 AM in the morning.  I will be taking the ‘Bart Train’ from the Airport to downtown San Francisco downtown for $12.  Before the game, I am meeting Tike Narry and his family just outside the ballpark.  Tike is our AT&T Park Expert and has season tickets to the best park in the Majors.  To me, there is nothing better than watching a baseball game during the day at AT&T Park.  I have voted this my top ballpark, others seem to follow suit including Forbes.

When I get to the game I will head for a Mushroom Burger in the concession stands behind the scoreboard in center field.  The burgers cost about $6.  For my drinks during this game, there is Coke vending Machines underneath the glove in which it costs $3 for a 20 oz Coke.  In the picture to the right you can see them faded in the background.  I ordinarily stand to watch baseball games in this area.  The scenic view of the Bay Bridge and the Port Authority is perfect, added to the iconic big leather glove and Coke sign and you are talking about some of the best visuals at night.  The SRO tickets are usually $15 per ticket.

This game I am watching from the 300 level.  This level features some incredible wall Murials from past clubs.  Every inch of this park was thought of.   The Giants pay great homage to their heroes of yesteryear.   From the 300 section, you can see the entire park.  I am happy to sit in a seat from this view.  It is the Giants season opener.  It is nice to have friends that have an extra season ticket to the opener like Tike.

 The game starts at 1:35 PM, unfortunately based on my travel schedule I need to be back at San Francisco Airport for a 9 PM Flight.  The next day I am in Minnesota for a matinée contest.  San Francisco is one of my favorite cities as well, but I have to leave the place fast on this night.  AT&T Park still looks brand new.  The place is immaculately clean.  The Red outfield bricks enhance the field’s view.  I never worry about the weather in San Francisco either.  It ranges from 45-70 F for all of baseball season. Night games are pretty cool once the fog rolls in off of the Ocean.

I have taken several methods of travel to the game in past years.  I have driven, walked from a downtown hotel, taken a trolley train, light rail service, cab, public bus and used the Bart Train all to arrive at the game.  Parking at the Fisherman’s Wharf for a matinée game is a wise decision.  You can grab a cab from Pier 39 to the park for about $15.  Once the game is over, there are several cabs to take you back to the Wharf.  They have flat rates all day at the Fisherman’s Wharf.  Out of all the ballparks I have been to, AT&T Park ranks 2nd in the most amount of games I have seen only to Safeco Field being the most.

I love watching games at this park and have vowed no matter what else happens in the future, I will be making AT & T Park as part of a yearly visit.   San Francisco has a lot to be proud of for this park.  I even like some of the iconic pictures you can take across the street near the Willie McCovey statue.

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