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I grew up in a fisherman’s village called Ladner, (is on the outskirts of Vancouver BC Canada.)  I played competitive baseball until 18 years old and had offers to play University Baseball at Liberty University and Grace College.  Post-concussion symptoms from previous football and baseball head injuries forced me to retire by age 19.  I always followed the MLB but in 2005 I was re-invigorated with a trip to Safeco Field for my 4thever baseball game.   I saw 19 parks between 2005-2007 before a quick financial turn-around in 2008 saw me attempt a World Record by trying to see a game at all MLB Parks(in full) in 26 days.  I ended up barely missing with a 30-29 submission and saw an incredible 41 games in 41 days-with a 3 day break for the All-Star Game.

The next summer of 09, I managed to save up enough money and try for the record again.  This time I broke the world record with a 30 games in 24 calendar day’s trip.  In 2012, I broke the record yet again by witnessing all 30 MLB Parks in only 23 days-all from April.6-28.

I am a courier for a living, and have a permanent 28 day (repeated over and over,) car rental that is renewed at the end of each period.  I have driven rental cars for 4 straight years, amassing over 75 free car rental days and 100000 Air Miles.  All for cheaper dollars than it would have cost to buy a compact car and repair it as per needed.  I have driven over 150 different cars-including several brand new cars right from the dealerships delivered right to the car rental company..

I have been to all 50 states in America.  I have spent nearly $100000 in traveling over the last 5 years but have saved over $25000 by being smart.  I only need to learn my lesson once to remember it.

In addition to this website, I have written blogs at, and

In 2008, I had my first baseball novel published at Author House under the pen name of ‘Hugh Hawkins.’  The book was called ‘The Rookie Bookie.’  I followed up with a second book that same year.  It was a science-fiction thriller called ‘Leaping Death.’ Leaping Death is currently in the Hollywood Database for Producers and Directors for Review. Both books will have a written synopsis on this website shortly.

This year, as you probably already know by being here, I wrote a book about my baseball journey(The Fastest Thirty Ballgames) and included 2 co-author’s to help with the Major League Park’s write-ups.

I am a baseball historian and a statistical guru.  I was typing the stats off backs of baseball cards into computers all the way back to the mid-80’s.

I have strong vocal skills and have done over 13 hours of radio interviews.  In the coming years I will be attending Broadcasting School, and continue to take online courses at ‘SMWW’-(Sports Management World Wide.)

I grew up watching the Blue Jays/Cubs/Mariners/Braves all on our TV while my favorite player was Don Mattingly after I watched him and Rickey Henderson rack up a 22-0 victory over the Blue Jays with my father.

I have extensive knowledge in gambling odds/gambling theories and how to win free contests.

I still have a near photographic memory when it comes to numbers.

My skills for establishing guides to the baseball parks come more from the transportation, plane fares, and hotels style guides, as that is the area I researched the most.  I can teach you skills when planning a trip for the best car rental rates, hotels that are best suited for your needs, and method of plane travel.  Having a step-mom of 25 years in airplane administration has definitely rubbed off on me.

I can effectively break down any rewards style programs in regards to credit cards, retail outlets, car rentals companies, airlines and so many more for equating a cash value to determine the best place to take your consumer $. I scored in the top 5% in Mathematics for S.A.T’s in 1994.

In lots of cases for travel-I have found several loopholes/codes that are not readily available to the general consumer but can be found and sought out.

Amongst my last remaining bucket list for baseball is to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.  I had originally tried to visit this place in 2008 & 2009 but monetary issues arose when chasing the world records and I was left to save this for later.  I will also make it a point to visit any new park that will open in MLB.

In addition to the launching of my baseball book this year, I am pitching Mastercard, Visa, MLB and ESPN on making a reality based Web/TV program that features somebody presumably going to a baseball game for every day of the 2012 baseball season.  This is similar to what the MLB Fan Cave guys are doing but this would be visiting a game in one of the 30 parks for every day of the baseball season.  If I miss a game to a rain out I would make it up with a double header.  The pitch to ESPN would be for breaking the world record in all of the 4 major sports: (NFL 31 Stadiums in107 Days,) (NHL 30 Arena’s in 29 Days,) (NBA 30 Arena’s in 30 Days, although no one has said to have done this ever,) and finally to pursue my own record at MLB of (3o games in 23 days.)  This would be great TV as I experienced how chaotic traveling can be.

I would love to oversee a forum of people that could teach the world about traveling within a budget.  Everyone loves to travel but not everyone has the time-and money saving knowledge to create a better value.

It is also my goal to bring the awareness of how hardcore fans can be.  This  kind of enthusiasm should be on display for all to see.  It was baseball that brought me back to an awesome lifestyle.


About chuckbooth3023

I played competitive baseball until 18 years old and had offers to play NCAA Division 1 University Baseball at Liberty University. Post-concussion symptoms from previous football and baseball head injuries forced me to retire by age 19. After two nearly made World Record Attempts in 2008, I set a New World Record by visiting all 30 MLB Parks (from 1st to last pitch) in only 24 Calendar Days in the summer 0f 2009. In April of 2012, I established yet another new GWR by visiting all 30 Parks in only 23 Calendar Days! You can see the full schedule at the page of the . In 2015, I watched 224 MLB Games, spanning all 30 MLB Parks in 183 Days. Read about that World Record Journey at
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