MLB Ballpark Traditions: American League

Monday December 19, 2011

Doug Booth-  Guest Baseball Writer:  Since I finished writing the book on my experiences in chasing down the World Record by going to all the baseball parks, I decided to ask for help in my research. I went to every ballpark for two years in a row from 2008-2009, and am always fascinated by traditions and things each city does at a ballpark. Like Sweet Caroline is always played in the bottom of 8th at Fenway or…. Tailgate parties that I have seen in Oakland, New York and Minnesota. This could be something on field, in the air, outside the ballpark, after or before the game. Fans have their own way of celebrating.  This is just what I have picked up.  What else am I missing?

New York Yankees-Yankee-Stadium

1. They take roll call for every position player–and it comes from the bleachers once the game starts. Each 9 starting fielders in the TOP of the first gets their name called. The fans chant each of the BALLPLAYERS until they wave their hats back to acknowledge them.

2. Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” is played at the end of every game in an infinite loop.

3. You got the ‘DEREK JETER’ with rhythmic clapping after wards

4. They chant HIP-HIP JORGE for Jorge Posada–or they say his name to the famous chant of soccer—JORGE-JORGE-JORGE-JORGE-JORGE-JORGE.

5. Of course there are the famous calls of John Sterling for each player. Example,-“Teixeira sends a TEX MESSAGE TO RIGHT FIELD oh you are on the ‘MARK’ Teixeira.

6. Of course booing all the opposition is common.


Boston Red Sox-Fenway Park

1. Play the song Sweet Caroline in the bottom of the eighth.

2. They boo the catcher and pitcher of the opposite team every time they meet at the mound.

Toronto Blue Jays.-Rogers Center

1. They start at the time of 37-or 07 after the hour to accommodate both the Canadian and American anthem.

2. They have a chant in the stands where a guy counts from 10-1 and then everyone screams.

3. Other cities have called the some of the worst fans in baseball—they do the wave when they are down 10 runs—do you think they would do the wave in New York or Boston if their team was behind by 10 runs?

Baltimore Orioles-Oriole Park at Camden Yards

1. They chant “Oh” really loud at the time of the national anthem when the part says Oh say does that star spangle….”

2.  There was a kid who would sprint out with a player’s jacket whenever there was a pitcher called in relief from the bullpen-is he still there?

Tampa Bay Rays-Tropicana Field

1. They play the “HEY RAYS” song when they win.

2. They post the starting lineups on a scoreboard outside the park whenever they are playing that day.

3. They light up the lights outside the ‘TROP’ on nights they win so that motorists can tell the home team won.

4. They have cowbells they use in the stands ‘for effect’

Chicago White Sox-US Cellular Field

1. Their come out song is “Thunderstruck.”

2. They always shoot fireworks after the home runs.

3. They have an old-time song they sing every game, what is it?

Detroit Tigers-Comerica Park

1. They have one of the only names retired instead of numbers with “TY COBB”S’ name being displayed but no number ahead of his name.

2. They play “Detroit Rock City”, by Kiss before the game

Kansas City Royals-Kauffman Stadium

1. They shoot the water fountains high between innings.

2. One of the only clubs that play western music, this includes a rendition of “I got friends in low places.”

Minnesota Twins-Target Field

1.TC(the Twins Mascot)-hits batting practice with a lucky fan before every game.

Cleveland Indians-Progressive Field

1. They have the loyal drummer in right field that attends every game.

2. They usually play the song “CLEVELAND ROCKS” at some point in the game.

3. There is always a clip from ‘MAJOR LEAGUE’ used too.

Seattle Mariners-Safeco Field

1. There is a train that comes through about every 10 minutes in the background-almost as frequent as planes at CITI FIELD.

2. They were the ‘original team’ of the theme “ZOMBIE NATION” by KernKraft 400.

Oakland A’s-McaFee Coliseum/now O.Overstock Coliseum

1. Get there early enough and you are sure to find half the parking lot tailgating. Note: “Worst park to where opposition gear, after all, A’s fan is also “RAIDER FAN.”

2. I would never suggest public transportation in this area, serious safety concern–pay the excruciating 17 dollars and park outside the stadium for easy access in and out.

Texas Rangers-The Ballpark in Arlington

1. They play the “Natural” theme song whenever there is a homer hit by the home team.

2. “They sing the STARS AT NIGHT SONG” as do the Astros.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim-Angels Stadium

1. The staff used to wear the 20’s usher outfits until recently but they still all wear straw hats like lots of other staffs.

2. They have the waterfall going a lot-and they also have fireworks every time there is a homer hit.

These traditions make baseball great.  I would appreciate any other traditions that you know of.  If you are the game it makes the experience so much greater in participating.

Get ready for Part 2 of Doug Booth’s Ballpark Traditions feature on MLB reports, with a look at the National League Traditions. Coming up this week on MLB reports!

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